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How have you gotten so big & continue to deliver results?

Experience & Reliability is our Corner Stone!

We have been in the flower game for over 30 years and its remained a Family owned & operated Australian Business.

- In high demand and Peak seasons we are one of the only few real suppliers that can be depended on!  


What makes you better than your competitors?

Quality & Exclusivity is our Competitive Advantage!


We offer the very best of local grown and imports from around the globe including Colombia, Holland, Kenya and Malaysia. 

Many flora from our product range we have Exclusivity to distribute. This means you wont find them anywhere else but from the best at Harrys! As we have a permanent stand, we have cool rooms to temperature control the flora for maximum life.


Will I be looked after when purchasing?

Customer Service & Order tailoring is our highest priority!

We will make the time & upmost effort to take care of you, we are not just about order taking - we share industry & product knowledge. We want you to succeed and will go beyond call of duty to ensure the job is done best


What do your customers say about you?

Reputation & Testimonials to be proud of!

All our customers agree we are Sydney’s Number One supplier of wholesale flowers, See our social media stream for posts from Happy & Satisfied customers.


About Us

Meet some of the Team


Top Row: Tony, Steven, Max

Bottom Row: Harry, Zois

Next time your in the markets please introduce yourself, we would love to meet you & help you!



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